Who We Are

OHub Clinical provides mental health services in supporting its clients to achieve their best in all areas of their life, including at home, school/work, sport, and areas of individual excellence. With the support of trained psychologists, OHub Clinical offers professional support aimed at developing personal confidence, identity and drive, whilst also building individual resilience.

OHub Clinical is a division of The Optimisation Hub which is a world leader in the delivery of state of the art, short-phased programs to optimise athletes’ mental performance and life resilience.

Perform at your best, take charge of your future.


OHub Clinical believes that it is a privilege to support the goals and ambitions of its clients. Thus it adopts a client-centered model, meaning that the client takes an equally active role in their sessions. OHub Clinical values the empowerment of its clients to take charge of their own lives and futures. It adopts a non-judgmental approach and does not view its clients as being “sick” or as “having something wrong with them”. The team work alongside its clients to help them to develop a stronger sense of personal identity and drive, while establishing positive performance and lifestyle habits to support the achievement of personal goals. Evidence-based approaches (e.g., cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, family therapy) are adopted to suit individual needs with an overarching focus on helping individuals to flourish. The team are able to work openly and collaboratively with schools, workplaces, sporting clubs, medical practitioners, allied health professionals, and other professionals, where necessary.

First Appointment

Seeing a psychologist can sometimes seem confronting. Here is what you can expect at your first appointment:


OHUB Clinical is passionate about mental health prevention, and taking a being proactive and practical approach towards mental health. OHUB Clinical gains great satisfaction and pride in passing on his clinical knowledge to other professionals across a range of disciplines.

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