OHUB Clinical’s team is passionate about mental health prevention, and taking a being proactive a and practical approach towards mental health.

Our Psychologists come from a range of educational backgrounds and experiences some have completed dual degree’s in Exercise Science and Psychological Science with Honors, a post-graduate Doctorate of Psychology (Clinical), others in sports psychology and in field experience with both clinical practices and sports environments.

Our Psychologists have experience in clinical psychology working with youth and families in relation to mental health, lifespan development, child abuse, trauma and neglect, chronic health conditions, persistent pain, injury recovery and sports psychology.

The teams interest vary from understanding how experience can shape young minds, while simultaneously developing resilience to prepare for and combat unexpected challenges and others enjoy sports and holistic wellbeing. The Team achieve these interests by employing evidence-based practices and a holistic approach to the people that they work with.

Would you like to join our team? Please email daniel@ohubclinical.com.au with your CV.