Dr Kelly Bowers


Dr. Kelly Bowers

Kelly is passionate about mental health prevention, and taking a being proactive a and practical approach towards mental health.

Kelly has completed a dual degree in Exercise Science and Psychological Science with Honors, and a post-graduate Doctorate of Psychology (Clinical). During these studies Kelly completed research which focused on improving health-related behaviors for young adults and adolescents.

Kelly has experience as a clinical psychologist working with youth and families in relation to mental health, lifespan development, child abuse, trauma and neglect, chronic health conditions, persistent pain, injury recovery and sports psychology.

Kelly’s interest lies in understanding how experience can shape young minds, while simultaneously developing resilience to prepare for and combat unexpected challenges. Kelly achieves this by employing evidence-based practices and a holistic approach to the people that he works with.

Furthermore, as an AHPRA approved clinical supervisor, Kelly gains great satisfaction and pride in passing on his clinical knowledge to other professionals across a range of disciplines.

Dr Matthew Condie


Dr Matthew Condie
(Clinical Psychologist)
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Sport and
Performance Psychology.

Victoria & South Australia
Remote Services Available:
Western Australia, Northern Territory,
Tasmania, and New Zealand

Matt is an Australian-trained and based clinical psychologist with a Doctorate
education in Sport and Performance Psychology in the United States.
Throughout his career, Matt has held several key roles in clinical psychology including child protection, youth and adult mental health, forensic drug and alcohol, emergency psychiatric services, perinatal and infant mental health and refugee mental health both in Australia
and abroad. Matt is also an educator in the United States teaching in the areas of;
Sport and Performance
Psychology and leadership

Matt sees his mission to explore and challenge the status quo regarding human performance, functioning and coping through the lens of reflective practice, innovation, change and lifelong learning. Matt has always had sport flowing through his veins, and has developed an appreciation for the role, influence and impact that sport and its skills have in terms of
performance and in life across the lifespan for individuals and communities. As a previous athlete enjoying success in a number of individual and team sports such as athletics and hockey, Matt has experienced the some of the highs and lows of the sporting experience. Together with his clinical knowledge and experience, Matt’s passion is to promote the integration of well being and mental health to support athletes to find a balanced, resilient and well-rounded individual organisation and society. Matt’s drive is to apply authentic, relatable and sustainable skills and education conducive to healthy resilience for athletes, coaches, teams and organisations to live a life of purpose, thriving, meaning and fulfillment.

Since integrating his passion for sport with human behavior, Matt has also developed a curiosity for a deeper understanding for how the role and function that identity has on an individual’s ability to cope with adversity and achievements both in sporting and non-sporting contexts. Additionally, a Matt has a focus on key social milestones within sport such as transitions and the impact this has on an individual’s identity.

To date, Matt has worked locally and internationally across several diverse contexts and environments. He has consulted in developing and reviewing mental health legislation in developing countries as part of his commitment to community and capacity development
in a cross-cultural context. He is also a member of the Diversity and Inclusion committee within the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) in the United States.

Furthermore, as an AHPRA approved clinical supervisor, Kelly gains great satisfaction and pride in passing on his clinical knowledge to other professionals across a range of disciplines.