Psychology can positively impact mental well-being and development.

We can help with your child’s:
Mental Wellbeing
Resilience Development
Emotional Intelligence
Mental Performance

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a discipline where health professionals support clients with concerns about their personal development, behaviour, emotional regulation, performance (eg. occupational, academic, social, sporting) and/or other mental health concerns. Psychologists utilise a number of tools to assess the needs of their clients and support them to overcome some of life’s challenges.

Some of the areas in which our psychologists can provide support:
  • Developing social understanding, social skills and social confidence
  • Understanding and managing their emotion
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Coping with anxieties including Panic, OCD, phobias, PTSD and generalized anxiety
  • Processing grief, trauma and loss
  • Managing stress and anger
  • Building healthy relationships and attachments with parents and family member
  • Learning skills for assertiveness

  • Learning strategies to overcome learning and performance difficulties
  • Developing independence and understanding the importance of personal safety
  • Managing the effects of chronic illness and chronic pain
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing identity

First Appointment

Seeing a psychologist can sometimes seem confronting. Here is what you can expect at your first appointment:

Frequently Asked Questions

No referral is needed if you will be claiming on your private health fund, however, a referral is needed if Medicare rebates are to be claimed. You would need to speak with your General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, or Pediatrician about your eligibility.

You may cancel (or re-schedule) your appointment at any time. However, to avoid cancellation fees we require 24 hours notice.
A late cancellation fee of a minimum 50% of the consultation fee will be charged if you give less than 24 hours notice.

A non attendance fee of a minimum 50% of the consultation fee will be charged if you don’t attend your appointment and don’t give us any notice that you won’t be attending your appointment.

Late cancellation or non attendance fees are not rebatable from Medicare or health funds.

Psychologists are trained in human behaviour and assist people to find ways of functioning more efficiently and get more out of every day life. They are able to assess, diagnose and treat people with a wide range of emotional and behavioural challenges and help them cope more effectively with everyday stressors. Psychologists study human behaviour in their undergraduate psychology degree before undertaking a further two years of supervised clinical experience and gaining registration.
Clinical Psychologists in addition to fulfilling the requirements of a registered psychologist, have also completed two years of formal, post-graduate (Masters level) clinical training in an accredited, university based program. Further, a clinical psychologist is required to complete two more years supervised clinical training. There are also clinical psychologists who use the title “Doctor”, and these highly qualified clinicians have also completed a PhD in psychology or a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (PsyD).
Written reports require the practitioner’s time to prepare and write. The cost of written reports is in addition to your consultation fees and is not rebatable from Medicare. If you believe your private health fund or insurer will pay for the report you need to confirm with them. If you require a written report in relation to your consultation it must be paid for before the report is released to you. Please keep this in mind if you require the report for an appointment with another professional.
We are committed to ensuring that the intervention provided is specifically tailored to your needs. This means that there are no hard and fast rules regarding length of treatment, and will largely be determined by the nature of your goals. Your practitioner will discuss the estimated length of treatment with you following your initial assessment session and review this with you regularly as your time together progresses.

Psychologists are bound by confidentiality. We cannot release information without your permission unless there is a risk of danger to yourself or others or information has been subpoenaed by a court.

OHub Clinical Psychologists have completed a minimum of a Masters in Psychology (involving at least 6 years of formal study at University). Additional training has also been undertaken in special interest areas. Please feel free to ask more about these areas. All Psychologists are also required to complete ongoing professional development each year to maintain their registration.

Psychiatrists have a medical degree, followed by further study to specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and emotional problems. Psychiatrists treat the effects of emotional disturbances on the body and the effects of physical conditions on the mind and can also prescribe medication. Some combine medication with other forms of therapy.
Psychologists have undergone extensive university training in the area of human behaviour and brain development. They are qualified to help clients manage the emotions, behaviours and issues that are causing them difficulties in their lives.

For Clinical Psychologists, clients will receive a $124.50 Medicare rebate for a 50-60 minute session. Clients seeing an approved Registered Psychologist will receive a $84.80 Medicare rebate for a 50-60 minute session.

Clients are required to pay our full fee upfront on the day of consultation. Clients can then either claim the Medicare rebate using our online service or take their invoice to Medicare to claim the rebate. To use online services your bank details are required to be registered with Medicare prior to service.

Your Private Health Insurance may cover some psychological services. Please contact your health insurer for further information. You cannot claim both a Medicare rebate and a private health rebate on the same service.